Meet Our Vets


My dogs have attended The Village Vet for the past 10 years. The staff had always been compassionate and dedicated to ensuring that a quality service be provided.

Catherine Bosman
Catherine Bosman

I am a regular client at the Village Vet & have always found them to be very caring & professional in their treatment of my dogs & me. Mary, Karen & their team have always been totally honest & sensitive to me in all situations and hence I would highly recommend the practice.

Kari Greene
Kari Greene

They are simply the best. I could not wish for a more compassionate, dedicated and brilliant team that work with my animals. We are so blessed.

Jennifer Scarr
Jennifer Scarr

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“K9” Academy 071 3828772

Dee Tsacos 079 8628252
Simon Giles 082 3311540
Margie Aylward 072 9013788
Marcel du Preez 079 5052463

Kloof Animal Therapy 082 2225757