Preventative healthcare

Keeping pets healthy is as important to us as treating sick animals. We believe in ensuring you receive correct advice on vaccination protocols, parasite prevention, good nutrition, weight management, training and supplements where necessary.

Consultations and emergency care

Whilst most of our patients are treated here, in situations where your pet would benefit from further diagnostics or hospitalization we refer down to our main branches in Howick where more intensive nursing care is available. Our surgery cases are also managed in Howick with full anesthetic monitoring equipment and qualified nurses assisting with monitoring, recovery and post-op care.

Behavior modification and training aids

We source a range of good quality products. Most of our reception staff have good experience in training dogs and are able to advise you accordingly.

Pet accessories

Collars, leads, beds, jackets, grooming aids, pet tags, heat lamps and supplements. Special orders on request.

Pet Foods

Stockists of a range of premium pet foods, we receive daily deliveries from suppliers and are happy to order outside our standard range to meet individual needs and preferences.


Wound care

Post-operative care

Pain management



House calls

Rabies titers for export dogs


Nutritional advice

Weight control programs

Behavioral advice

Nail clipping

Pet accessories and training aids

Premium Pet Food